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On December 2016, when segway in Prague became restricted in the downtown of Prague, the company Siberia Global s.r.o. was sold by previous owners. After this deal, we change the company name, combining Prague as our lovely city, and a Segway, as the Best kind of transport, symbolizing synergy of both in a PragWay word. Finally on July 2017 the legal Czech company PRAGWAY TOURS s.r.o. was registered as Prague Segway Tours provider.

PRAGWAY TOURS s.r.o. during COVID pandemic

During COVID pandemic on 2020-2021 there were non-easy times for PragWay Tours team. However, we do not say goodbye to our team, working hard on the internet with our Prague Segway Tours website and other web products, including Multilingual QR Menu and others.

Tours by PRAGWAY TOURS s.r.o. offered today

Now PRAGWAY TOURS s.r.o as authorized Segway tours provider, offer Segway tours in the Prague Castle area – the only zone in our city where Segway PT are legal to drive. Huge number of amazing green areas, parks, and Strahov Monastery itself!
We offer tours on Soft Fat eBikes in the downtown of Prague, also as electric scooter tours.
The most popular tour offered by PRAGWAY TOURS is a Viewpoint Tour, showing you Prague from the best viewpoints. We offer it on electric Trikes and eScooters.

Welcome to Prague, welcome to official PragWay Tours!

Official Czech company registry: PRAGWAY TOURS s.r.o.

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