Prague Segway Tours

Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities. It’s home to a number of famous cultural attractions – it offers many tips how to spend a lovely time. Not to miss anything, not to be “walk tired” and bored, the easiest way is to rent a tour on Segway wheels.

Here are some tips what you can do on Segway wheels in Prague:

  1. See the most attractive Prague’s sight – Prague Castle and its unforgettable landmark St. Vitus Cathedral – on Segway you don’t need pedaling up a steep hill where the Prague Castle is.
  2. Experience Old Town Square, its colorful buildings, a picturesque Prague Astronomical Clock, the cobbled side streets – on Segway wheels the tour takes just few minutes – you can save the time and the energy and go to see also the most preserved Jewish town in Europe (located near)
  3. Enjoy traditional Czech food – “Svickova na smetane” – pot roasted fillet of beef is served in a rich, creamy, slightly sweet vegetable sauce or roasted duck with bacon dumplings and red sauerkraut – with a satisfied full stomach is always good idea to use the Segway continuing the tour.
  4. Have a beer – you can refresh your Segway trip with non-alcoholic beer, but after ride you have to enjoy the delicious Czech beer.
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