Prague Segway Tours

You’re tired of the historic city center? Do you need more of nature? Do you want to know Prague from another perspective? Just discover and visit one of the Prague parks and protected natural areas – Divoka Sarka, Petrin park, Letenska sady, Hvezda park.

Divoka Sarka is, as one of the touristic guide describes, “now a picturesque valley located on the outskirt of Prague, but is also named after one of the pivotal figures in Czech mythology. While there is much uncertainty surrounding the historical accuracy of the legend, most believe the events are meant to have taken place in either the 6th or 7th Century. Prague as it is known today did not exist; what is now the city center was completely unsettled, but the largest of the newly created Slavic settlements is believed to have been located in what is now the Divoka Sarka valley.”

Today the valley is a popular area for people wishing to escape the heavily tourist center of Prague. From the cliffs are stunning views of the largely forested valley. There is also a lake complete with numerous sunbathing areas, and many picnic spots.

The valley is also ideal for trying something new – adrenaline and romance in one – riding off-road Segway x2 wheels.

Plan your private trip to Divoka Sarka with an English speaking guide and Segway wheels.

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