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segway x2 prague golf
Prague Segway Tours team is looking forward to start a new golf season as the real golf fans. Also as the fans of Segway we can just say that there is no better connection than golf and Segway.

With Segway low impact on fairways and green, especially on cart-path-only days, Segway bring relief to golf course superintendents. Play delays on full tee sheet days are also minimized. Segway wheeels are much quieter than traditional golf carts and run on emission-free battery power.

Ride the Segway may be a welcome additional activity during the golf event tournament. At the start most players accompany appreciate this activity, while the gradual start may even shorten the waiting time of the announcement of the tournament ends. And because we know that everyone wants to try riding on Segway wheels lit a bit just for yourself we prepare special offer for the golf fans.

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