Prague Segway Tours

Rudolf II, the Hapsburg emperor, took up residence at Prague Castle in 1583. He was an avid collector and generous patron and his court was an international community of artists, scholars, astrologers, astronomers and mathematicians. All received a warm welcome – all were given free reign to explore their fields and push new boundaries of the known world. By 1600 his court was an international community of painters, sculptors, scientists, mathematicians and astrologers.

His lively interest in the sciences kept him in touch with research throughout Europe. The scholar John Dee came from England, together with spiritualist Edward Kelley and astronomer Tycho Brahe from Denmark. This was a time of wonderful artistic vitality as the old and new converged while tradition and progress lived in harmony.

Prague was seen as a cultural centre of exceptional importance. Karl van Mander, painter and theorist wrote in 1604: “Whoever aspires today to do anything great need only come to Prague, to the greatest patron of the contemporary world, the Emperor Rudolf II.”

During our exclusive tour on Segway wheels you will discover the secret language of old Prague and its houses and corners. Venture to find, what remains hidden to the average visitor.

Alchemy, astrology and magical Prague by Trike or Segway and a private guide, as no one else can show you.

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